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Welcome to magnetise! This is the graphics journal of howneat and x_porcelain. This is an open community, so click here if you would like to join.

Before you join, however, we would like you to take the following set of rules into consideration. If you do not fulfill your obligation as a member by following these rules, we will not hesitate to ban you.

1. Crediting is an absolute must. In the comments section of an icon we have made, please include the actual maker's username (either howneat or x_porcelain, depending on who posted the icons), and we would also appreciate it if you added the username of this community (magnetise) as well.

2. Direct linking wastes both of our time, so please do not do it. If you direct link, our bandwidth usage skyrockets, and we do not need that.

3. All of the icons posted in this journal are for LiveJournal usage only, unless otherwise stated.

4. Please, please do not steal our icons and claim them as your own. We put effort into our icons, and it's very disheartening to see that effort being passed off as someone else's. This includes stealing them for Xanga sites, as well as other common icon theft sites.

5. If you would like to be affiliates with magnetise, please comment here. Please refrain from commenting on actual icon posts.
6. Unless otherwise specified, you may not customize or edit our graphics. This includes customizing or editing for redistribution of not only our icons, headers, and other such graphics, but layouts and userinfo graphics as well.

7. Last, but not least, please comment if you're taking an icon. We would like to know whose taking what so that we can decipher what you don't like from what you do like.

Interested in linking us? Feel free to use one of the following buttons:

The following communities, journals, and websites are our affiliates. If you would like to be added to this list, provide us with a 100x35 button and the name of your community here. We do, however, reserve the right to accept and reject affiliate offers as we see fit.


The current layout, version 2.0, features Japanese model and actress Chiaki Kuriyama. All graphics are ©howneat unless otherwise noted. Original overrides are ©faceon and background ©arisubox.
All graphics found in the user info, the header, and buttons, are ©x_porcelain.